Representing Bargaining Unit Employees of The Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service (FPS) and Integrated Operations Division (IOD)

Introduction To Local 918


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AFGE National Local 918 (NL918) is the Exclusive Representative of Bargaining Unit members within The Department of Homeland Security's, Federal Protective Service and Infrastructure Security Compliance Division.

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If you need Union Assistance, at the top of this page is a Red button "Request for Representation / Assistance". Please provide us as much information as you can and we will get back to you.  If you are a member of the Bargaining Unit AND you are subject to a Management Directed Investigatory Interview AND you believe the questioning could lead to disciplinary action, politely request the presence of a Union steward BEFORE you answer any questions if you desire a Union rep.

As the Exclusive Representative for these employees, our primary function is to represent employee and union interests in matters concerning:

Grievances and Arbitration

Collective Bargaining (Including term and mid-term negotiations)

Weingarten Meetings, where the employee has requested union representation in an investigative meeting with management where there is a reasonable belief that the meeting might lead to discipline.

This website includes an accessible copy of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Many Agency, Local and Employee Rights and Responsibilities are contained in that Contract. Please read it when you get a chance and while on personal (not government) time.

What We Do:

Federal Unions are inherently different from private and most other public sector labor organizations.

Federal Unions CANNOT bargain pay or benefits.

Federal Unions cannot strike or promote or engage in job actions which in any way impede, inhibit, obstruct or otherwise adversely interfere with the administration of governmental operations.

Dues Paying Union membership is optional. The Local is not required to provide representation on all cases. Union will evaluate and investigate the facts of each case and matter as it is presented. The Local is entitled to make decisions pertaining to representation and action after a fair and rational conclusion analysis of the merits of each case.

The Local is required to be fair. The Duty of Fair Representation is defined by (Case Law Citation)

The Local determines the best course of action and the appointment of representatives. No employee has the right to insist on representation from a particular union representative. The union decides who is assigned to the case.

The following are some areas the Union is NOT required to assist but may discretionarily do so for dues paying members:

Assistance in preparing responses to proposed disciplinary actions.

MSPB appeals.

EEO complaints.

Office of Special Counsel (OSC) complaints.

Workers compensation appeals (OWCP).

OSHA complaints.

Congressional requests and Congressional inquiries.

Inspector General (IG) complaints.

Retirement appeals (OPM) (MSPB)

Veterans’ rights complaints (USERRA and VEOA appeals) MSPB, DOL, OSC)

Lawsuits in court.

What Else We Do:

In addition to the three critical representational roles, Local 918 also engages in other activities promoting the beneficial interests of our unit employees. Local 918 has reported to and engaged with Legislators from both Houses of Congress. We maintain contact with the GAO. We regularly communicate with national, regional and district management personnel. We share necessary concerns with the DHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) when agency management practices appear to involve suspected fraud waste or abuse.

We have a duty of fair representation to all of our bargaining unit members. Each employee has due process rights and Local 918 is on the frontline to ensure our bargaining unit members are afforded every one of those rights provided for by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Agency Policy, applicable Federal Law and the U.S. Constitution.

Local 918 also provides additional benefits which are reserved for those who become dues paying members of the Local. Your voluntary election to become a dues paying member of Local 918 provides you with:

Initial access to contracted legal counsel for discussion and review of labor related matters concerning or affecting employment.

Guaranteed representation by our contracted legal counsel for adverse disciplinary actions.

When you join Local 918 as a dues paying member you are further backed by the collective strength of over 10-million members of AFL-CIO unions. Dues Paying Members of AFGE National Local 918 receive many benefits some include:

Discounts for individual legal actions you may choose to pursue through contract firm.

Technology Benefits

Home Benefits

Entertainment Benefits

Education Benefits

Consumer Benefits

Health Benefits

Insurance Benefits

Moving Benefits

Retiree Benefits

Career Benefits (EG: PLI)

Cellular Discounts through AT&T

Legal Services